Batman v Superman: Dawn of Lawyers

Recently, Josh Gilliland of The Legal Geeks kindly invited me to appear on his podcast to discuss the great woe wrought by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The episode in question is titled “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Lawyers.” As you might imagine, spoilers abound, so listen at your peril if you’ve not yet seen the film.

During the episode, we discuss Zack Snyder’s troubling new blockbuster, John Byrne’s Man of Steel comic book series, and the moral compass of characters like Superman and Captain America. Of course, we also spoke extensively of┬áBatman and the surprising fact that Ben Affleck fared mostly well in his first outing as the Dark Knight.

Many thanks to Josh both for extending the invitation and offering his advice on which microphone headset to purchase in order to best participate in the enterprise.

You can listen to the episode in question here.